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Valentine's Day On The Lost Coast


As an Oregon implant living on the Lost Coast for the past 20 years, I'm excited to share my ideal Valentine's Day itinerary, highlighting the best our charming community has to offer. 🥂

Begin the celebration at Surf Point Coffee and Bistro with a special 4pm toast! Stop by and grab either a Gyppo's Mexican Lager, Chasing Rainbows or a glass of sparkling wine. Surf Point has graciously offered to open up a little early the perfect way to start your Valentine's adventure. 🍺

(Surf Point is also offering a 6 course dinner from special guest Chef Christy Augustine. Email them at for deets.)

Continue the romance at Mi Mochima, where the doors are opening specially for the season of affection. That's right, to honor the Lost Coast's lovebirds, they're inviting you in for a night of Venezuelan culinary delights. Indulge in an appetizer that's sure to enchant your senses and set the stage for a memorable gastronomic adventure. 💖 Their meticulously crafted dishes are a prelude to an evening filled with flavors as vibrant and passionate as the spirit of love itself.

The centerpiece of my Valentine's Day will be at Gyppo Ale Mill, where you're invited to enjoy a specially selected entrée, think Clams, Mussels, Oysters! I'll be working the floor so this is truly just daydreams, but you my friends, will get an exclusive sneak peek at this week's pop-up menu, showcasing our dedication to culinary creativity and love. 🍴🌲

Wrap up your journey with a festive nightcap at Mario's Marina Bar, where the vibe is lively and the drinks are perfect for toasting to love and friendship. 🎉🍸

This is how I envision the perfect Valentine's Day in Shelter Cove. If you're looking to make your evening special with us at Gyppo Ale Mill, we're now accepting reservations for seating at 5 pm and 7:30 pm with our newly restored table service:

👉 Click For Dinner Reservations 👈

Don't miss out on this intimate and memorable Valentine's celebration. Secure your spot now and join us on a journey of love, flavor, and community spirit. 💌

👉 Click For Valentine's Dinner Reservations 👈