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Gyppo Ale Mill: From Roots to Renewal

Where the spirited essence of the Lost Coast thrives in every sip. As a woman-owned and operated gem in California's most remote setting, we don't just brew beer; we encapsulate the tales and rich textures of the Lost Coast in every crafted pint.

Nestled on California’s Lost Coast, Gyppo Ale Mill, pronounced "jippo," embodies a legacy deeply rooted in independence and resilience. Our name, deriving from "Gyppo"—a term for small-scale loggers, today symbolizes a sustainable shift from Humboldt’s historical cash crops—first timber, then cannabis—to a vibrant eco-tourism and community hub. We champion local resources, including our beloved redwoods and the ocean, integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operations. At Gyppo, we are committed to sustainable seafood and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that each brew and dish tells the story of our region’s natural abundance.

Meet The Owners: Julie Peacock & Josh Monschke

Together, wife and husband, Julie and Josh blend their deep-rooted passion for heritage and innovation to steer Gyppo Ale Mill. With backgrounds stretching from the Pacific Northwest’s rugged forests to the surf waves of Humboldt, they foster a brewery that's as welcoming as it is inspiring. Gyppo is a sanctuary where everyone—locals and travelers alike—gathers to enjoy exceptional beers and share stories across generations.

A Place for All: The Gyppo Experience

Gyppo Ale Mill invites you to a space where community thrives and everyone feels at home. Our taproom and beer garden are designed for comfort and fun, featuring garage doors that open to the ocean breeze, cozy couches, and lively games like foosball, ping-pong, and cornhole. Children laugh on the lawn while adults enjoy crafted pints under the stars. At Gyppo, every visit is an opportunity to relax, connect, and create lasting memories.