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Gyppo Ale Mill

Where the spirited essence of the Lost Coast thrives in every sip. As a woman-owned and operated gem in California's most remote setting, we don't just brew beer; we encapsulate the tales and rich textures of the Lost Coast in every crafted pint.

Step into our vibrant haven where laughter bounces off walls, music dances through the air, and camaraderie binds every soul. From the visible brewing heart of our establishment to the panoramic ocean views, from the spirited games of cornhole to the warmth of fire pits – we're a melange of epic experiences. Stretch your legs in our legendary beer garden, where both the young and the young-at-heart find their joy.

But beyond the beer, the music, and the vistas, lies our heart – the community. From our collaborative brews with local businesses to our charity initiatives like 'Pints 4 Nonprofits', we stand tall as a beacon of positivity, always choosing the path of benevolence and community upliftment. Dive into the buzz of trivia nights or find solace in the soulful tunes of live music; Gyppo is your haven all year round.

So, raise a glass to the joys of today and the legends of tomorrow. Welcome to Gyppo, where every moment, like our beers, tells a rich, unforgettable story. Cheers