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Strumming under the string lights, Dylan Weber brought melodies that mingled perfectly with the Gyppo Ale Mill atmosphere last Saturday. His tunes were a testament to the passion and soul that our local musicians pour into their performances. 🎸✨

We're grateful beyond words for the artists like Dreams on Fire, Trent Sanders, and Frank Hirata, who graced us with their rhythms and rhymes the night before. Their music isn't just heard; it's felt, reverberating through our community and leaving echoes of joy. Join us every weekend for this shared love of live music. If you're a musician inspired to join the lineup, reach out to  And while words can't fully express our gratitude, your presence does—supporting these artists with your cheers, your claps, and your company is what makes Gyppo's heart beat. Let's keep the music alive and thriving!

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