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Last Call for Red Envelope Revelry at Gyppo!

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Hey Gyppo family, the clock’s ticking on our red envelope shindig, and it's almost time to say goodbye to this round of fun and prizes! 💌🎉 Have you been rummaging through your truck or backseat and stumbled upon a forgotten red envelope? Dust it off and bring it in by February 13th — unopened, of course! No matter its state, it could be your ticket to Gyppo glory.

We’re still on the lookout for the lucky winner of the ultimate prize — the kegerator! It’s out there somewhere, playing hard to get, and it could very well be hiding in your glove compartment. 🚗🎁 And let's not forget about the Mug Club memberships that have been bringing out all the cheers and beers. It's been a blast watching the excitement and joy as each envelope reveals its secret. Don't miss out on the fun; your last-minute luck might just have you toasting as our newest Mug Club member or even pouring pints at home with your very own kegerator!