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Gyppo Super Bowl Sunday

a bowl of food

Get ready for a Super Bowl Sunday that's more flavorful than a halftime show at Gyppo Ale Mill! 🏈🍴 As the 49ers face off against... Taylor Swift? Just kidding, we mean the Kansas City Chiefs (it’s the joke that’s been running more than the players this season!), make sure you've got a plate of our bomb chorizo chili nachos in hand. If you haven't tried them yet, it's a culinary touchdown you won't want to miss.

And that's just the start! We’re embracing the game day spirit with a taproom revamp – think cozy couches, snug benches, and communal tables where cheering with friends becomes the best play of the night. With heaters ablaze, we’re serving up warmth and good vibes only. 🛋️🔥 Dive into the fun with Super Bowl bingo and square sales – will it be a soda commercial, a ref huddle, or an overhead stadium shot that wins you the game? Join us for the big game and see what all the excitement's about. How about you? Ready to bring the cheers to Gyppo this Super Bowl Sunday? 🎉🏆

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