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First Look: Gyppo's Fresh & Shareable Pupus Menu!

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We're thrilled to offer a sneak peek of Gyppo Ale Mill's latest creation: our shareable appetizers menu, a curated selection of Pupus that are as much about community as they are about flavor. We're putting our hearts and hands to work, reaching out to local farmers and ranchers to source the freshest ingredients. Our commitment to sustainability swims deep — for seafood we can't get locally, we're teaming up with Monterey Bay Seafood Watch to ensure our choices are not only delicious but also responsibly caught. 🌾🐟

Special thanks to the incomparable Erin Keller of Fish Bar Deli, whose culinary brilliance and patience shine as we navigate this exciting transition. Her creative spark has been instrumental in crafting a menu that's truly Gyppo—diverse, innovative, and community-focused. From the local zest of our House Ceviche to the vegan delight of our Truffle Fries, every bite tells a story of the amazing people and places that shape our lives here on the Lost Coast. πŸ΄πŸ’•

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