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Community Roots || Vote No On A


As ballots find their way into your homes, a critical issue requires our attention. Measure A has stirred considerable concern among our neighbors, friends, and families—especially those in the cannabis cultivation community. As a brewery deeply rooted in Southern Humboldt, we stand in solidarity with our local cannabis farmers. These individuals are more than just growers; they are an integral part of our community's fabric, contributing significantly to our shared culture and economy.

Measure A presents challenges that could impact the sustainability of small-scale cannabis farms, vital to our region's identity and prosperity. While the specifics of the measure might seem distant from our daily brews, the outcome affects us all, touching upon values of local support, community resilience, and the preservation of Humboldt’s unique heritage.

We urge every member of our community, regardless of your familiarity with cannabis cultivation, to consider the broader implications of Measure A. Voting NO is not just about cannabis; it's about supporting our neighbors, protecting our shared interests, and ensuring the continued vibrancy of our local economy. Your ballot is a powerful tool for expressing this support. Take a moment to fill it out and return it promptly.

Together, we can make a difference for the future of Humboldt County. Let’s stand united in support of our community.

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