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Classics Stay Put: Gyppo's Beloved Burgers & Fish and Chips!

a chicken sandwich and fries on a plate

Amidst the buzz of our exciting new menu, we want to reassure all the Gyppo Ale Mill faithful: our classic burger and fish and chips are here to stay! 🍔🐟 They’re more than just menu items; they're a testament to our commitment to quality and community. Rest assured, the burgers you've come to crave and the fish and chips you adore aren't going anywhere.

Why? Because they’re the heart of what we do. Our burgers, made with local grass-fed, organic beef, aren't just a meal; they're a bite of the Lost Coast’s spirit, supporting our local ranchers who care deeply about sustainability and quality. And our fish and chips, featuring local fish sourced from Sam, are a homage to the fresh, vibrant flavors of our waters. It’s our way of bringing you the treasures of our region, ensuring that every bite not only tantalizes your taste buds but also supports the local ecosystem and economy.

So, while we're eager to introduce new flavors and dishes, we're equally passionate about preserving the soul of our menu. These beloved favorites embody our promise to you: to serve dishes that celebrate and sustain our community, environment, and local partners. Come on in and savor the classics that have captured your hearts, knowing they come with a side of integrity and a sprinkle of Gyppo love.