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Cheers to Jeanetta: The Heart of Gyppo!

a person standing in front of a building

Raise your glasses high — it's time to toast to Jeanetta, our very own ray of sunshine at Gyppo Ale Mill! 🍻☀️ Today's not just any day; it's the birthday of a woman who's become the world to us, a beacon of care and dedication, making sure everyone feels nurtured and cherished, as if we were all just starting out on this crazy, beautiful journey of life.

Jeanetta's smile is our daily brew of joy, her hard work our recipe for success, and her brilliance shines brighter than the most polished pint glass. As a badass lead and a friend who’s more family than colleague, she looks out for us all with a heart so gold it puts the finest ale to shame. 🌟💛

So here's to Jeanetta: for all the days she's made better, for the love she pours into every task, and for the friendship she extends without hesitation. Happy Birthday, Jeanetta! Gyppo wouldn’t be the same without you. 🎉🎂