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Nestled by the majestic Pacific Ocean, Gyppo Ale Mill is more than a venue; it's a destination where unforgettable experiences are crafted. Our Beer Garden, a cozy sanctuary shielded by glass and warmed by unique fire pits, offers an inviting space for intimate gatherings and grand celebrations alike. The adjacent grassy area, enriched with native landscaping, provides a versatile outdoor setting, ideal for ceremonies or relaxed activities amidst nature's splendor.

Our ocean view serves as a serene and majestic backdrop, enhancing every event with its tranquil beauty. The live music stage brings vibrancy and energy, perfect for events seeking an engaging atmosphere. Adventure awaits with direct access to a nearby campground, adding a touch of exploration for outdoor enthusiasts. With the capacity to comfortably host up to 200 guests and options for additional outdoor dining, our facility caters to a variety of event sizes and styles, all while maintaining an air of elegance and natural charm. At Gyppo Ale Mill, we merge nature, comfort, and sophistication to create an unparalleled event experience.

Cozy Beer Garden: Sheltered Comfort

Our beer garden, protected by glass windows, offers a warm and inviting space. Modern fire pits, including an artistic metal ball with historical significance, create a cozy atmosphere perfect for evening gatherings.

Grassy Ceremonial Area: Versatile Elegance

The grassy area, embraced by native landscaping, serves as a flexible space for ceremonies or leisure, offering a picturesque setting for your special moments.

Live Music Stage: Elevate Your Celebration

Our dedicated stage is ideal for live music, transforming your event into a lively and memorable celebration with the perfect backdrop of sound.

Ocean View: A Serene Backdrop

The breathtaking ocean view adds a serene and majestic backdrop to your events, ensuring a tranquil and picturesque setting.

Golf Course Elegance: On the Ninth Hole

Located on the ninth hole of our golf course, our venue provides stunning views and an air of sophistication, ideal for events that seek a blend of nature and elegance.

Campground Access: Adventure Awaits

For multi-day events or outdoor enthusiasts, our direct access to a neighboring campground offers a unique blend of comfort and adventure.

Spacious Capacity: Room for Everyone

Our venue can accommodate up to 200 people, with the flexibility to expand for larger gatherings or outdoor dining arrangements, ensuring a comfortable space for all your guests.