Souther Humboldt Brewery • Gyppo Ale Mill

gyp•po |ˈjipō|


The Gyppo Ale Mill will be Shelter Cove’s first craft brewery and tasting room.  It has long been a dream of ours to combine our love for beer, family and community.  This dream has had it’s ups and down but it is a dream that we hold strong to. 

Our vision for the brewery is modest.  Kick-ass quality beers, superb food humbly served in a warm and friendly space.  If you know us than you’ll know that family is extremely important part of who we are.   Integrating our family into this project is just a part of how we do things.  If you are looking for a new nightclub or all night dive bar, we’re sorry to disappoint.  That will not be us.  If you are looking for a place kick up your heels, eat some quality food and wash it down with a good beer, then we’re on the same page.

Keep up to date on our progress by following us on Facebook or Instagram OR come see us in person.  We have Dock Sales on EVERY Friday & Saturday from 2PM - 6PM AND offer  Brewery Tasting Tours at 2pm or 4pm. 

 Thanks so much for stopping by and Cheers to an Independent & Freewheeling life!